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PurposeFull® Arby's corporate social responsibility

PurposeFULL is embedding purpose into our actions as a brand, every day, through our team members, franchisees and suppliers. Being PurposeFULL isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are: a responsible restaurant company operating with integrity as we serve, refresh and delight our guests.


We believe in supporting a meaningful, shared cause: Empowering Our Youth


Arby's National Restaurant Fundraisers have raised $15 million for childhood hunger

We believe that a child’s potential for success begins with a meal. That's why, each fall, Arby’s restaurants across the country host a National Restaurant Fundraiser, an in-restaurant donation campaign that supports our partnership with Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry® campaign. Since 2011, the fundraiser has generated more than $15 million, including a record $3.7 million raised in 2015. For every $1 donated by guests during the National Restaurant Fundraiser, the Arby’s Foundation provides up to ten meals to children in need.


How is Arby's alleviating childhood hunger? Ask Chef Neville.

In 2015, Arby's VP & Brand Executive Chef Neville Craw participated in Chefs Cycle, where he joined fellow chefs from across the country on a two-wheel trek down the West Coast to raise awareness and funds to help end childhood hunger. After 300 miles and several cracked ribs following an ocean-side spill, he completed the journey alongside his team, ultimately raising $350,000 to feed children in need. “I’ve been with Arby’s for nearly 12 years, and never before had I felt so connected to our mission of empowering youth," Chef Neville stated.


How we're helping end summer hunger

Here's a little-known fact: of the 22 million kids who receive a free or reduced-price lunch during the school year, only 17.5 percent continue to receive proper nourishment during the summer months when school is out. Since 2013, the Arby's Foundation has partnered with Share Our Strength to heighten awareness around the issue of summer hunger and increase access to summer meals in every state. In 2015, we launched School’s Out, Food’s In, to intensify our approach to eliminating summer hunger in nine key markets, offering more than 1.6 million free meals through a Meal Card program.

77 mile

$77 million in contributions to youth-related causes over the 30 year history of the Arby’s foundation.

460 mile

We have helped No Kid Hungry® and other hunger relief organizations bring an additional 460 Million meals to kids who need them – all year long

4 stars

4-star Rating from Charity Navigator

15 mile

$15 million raised to fight childhood hunger through our National Restaurant Fundraiser since 2011


We have a winning culture and both inspire and assist our team members and franchise organizations to achieve their best


Start Here, Go Anywhere: Cindy Sebold’s Story

Cindy Sebold, owner of Fresh2U Food, is a perfect example of Arby’s Start Here, Go Anywhere philosophy. "I started at Arby’s as an assistant manager," Cindy says. "My goal was to one day own my own food truck. Not only was my supervisor supportive of my goal, she went out of her way to educate me on the skills I would need to make that goal a reality. Today, I own and operate my very own food truck serving excellent food to the local community. Arby’s is a special place with special people."


Arby’s team members are key champions of the brand

Brand Champ is an annual brand boot camp intended to train, trust and empower our team members. The focus of the training is ensuring every team member understands their role in delivering our We Make It Right service promise. Team members also learn the importance of personal goal setting and the skills they will need to achieve them. In 2015, we held Brand Champ training across our more than 1,000 company owned restaurants with more than 75 percent of our franchise restaurants participating as well, all while managing to keep these restaurants open for business. Each year moving forward, between 60,000-70,000 Arby’s employees will undergo Brand Champ training every year.


Arby's franchisees commit to employee development

A commitment to engage and empower employees through education is also being made in our franchise community. In one example, Joe Brumit, owner and operator of 45 Arby’s restaurants in North Carolina and South Carolina, and his wife Janice were instrumental in the revitalization of the hospitality program at Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, which reopened in 2008 as the Brumit Center for Culinary Arts and Hospitality. Joe and Janice have also established endowments for the arts and hospitality center and for the college’s non-profit charity, each providing scholarships for deserving students.

Seal Icons

60,000+ Arby's team members and employees will undergo Brand Champ training each year


Named one of the best and brightest companies to work for in America - 2015


We are good stewards of the environment and strive to be a green and responsible company


Efficiency Matters: The backbone of Arby's resource conservation

We worked with energy experts at Ecova to develop Efficiency Matters, our company-wide energy management platform. Once we developed the program, we also set a bold goal: to reduce the energy use in our company-owned restaurants by 15 percent before the end of 2015. We not only met this goal but surpassed it with 15.2 percent energy reduction across company-owned restaurants since 2011.


Setting an example through the Better Buildings Challenge

Arby's joined the United States Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge in 2015. The cornerstone of the challenge is a public pledge to improve energy intensity of the entire portfolio of restaurants by at least 20 percent by 2020. We recently surpassed the BBC goal of by improving energy performance 24 percent, measured in kBtu/transaction (from a 2011 baseline). To date, Arby’s has tracked 38 percent in energy savings at our showcase project in Atlanta.


Becoming environmental stewards through irrigation control

We joined forces with Weathermatic, an industry leader in smart irrigation control systems, to better understand how we can optimize our water consumption and waste. In 2015, through a six month pilot that spanned 85 restaurants, we saved 7.4 million gallons of water - enough to fill 11 Olympic-sized pools! Also as a result of the Weathermatic pilot, we reduced water usage by an average of 25 percent across the 85 test restaurants. The program recently received a Project of the Year Award from Environmental Leader.


Reduced energy consumption by 15.2% per company-owned restaurant since 2011


Efficiency Matters: Environmental Leader Project of the Year in 2015

74 mile

7.4 million gallons of water conserved through irrigation pilot program


$2,600 is saved per year in each restaurant as a result of energy reduction associated with our LED Interior Lighting Conversion Program


We serve quality, Fast Crafted™ food and earn the trust of our guests by following the highest standards in the food industry


Our Outlook on Food

We are famous for our roast beef, but for many years we’ve offered much more in the way of high-quality cuts of meat. To make sure our guests are aware of our offerings beyond roast beef, our Product Development team innovates around our variety of proteins to produce new core menu items as well as limited time offerings unique to Arby’s. Today, the quality, variety and abundance of our proteins represent our culinary advantage.


Selective Sourcing

At Arby’s, we’re nimble enough to work with smaller, artisanal suppliers for our proteins, breads, cheeses and more, yet large enough to bring these delicious ingredients to our guests across America. No ingredient on our menu demonstrates Arby’s ability to bring craft cooking to the masses like our Smoked Brisket. That’s because each slab of brisket that arrives at Arby’s has been smoked for at least 13 hours at real smokehouse. It’s then sliced fresh in Arby’s kitchens daily before being served to our guests.


Cage Free Eggs

As part of our commitment to the wellbeing and humane treatment of animals and poultry, Arby’s has committed to using cage-free eggs at its system-wide U.S. restaurants, with a target for full transition by 2020. We believe this is an important commitment because it means our eggs will be sourced from hens raised in a cage-free aviary system, which allows hens to roam freely through open spaces.


Improving the Sustainability of U.S. Beef

Arby’s is a founding member of the U.S. Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (USRSB), a multi-stakeholder initiative developed to advance, support and communicate continuous improvement in sustainability of the U.S. beef value chain. In addition to supporting USRSB as a brand, we also have a seat at the table. An ARCOP representative is an active and engaged member of the USRSB Planning Committee and the Sustainability Indicators and Goals for Progress working group.


Fast Crafted® – Arby’s unique blend of QSR speed and Fast Casual quality


At least 13 hours is the amount of time we smoke our brisket


Cage free eggs on breakfast menus by 2020


Arby’s is a founding member of the U.S. Roundtable for sustainable beef


We Have The Meats® – sliced in house, every day

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