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Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon Sandwich

The Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon comes with roast deli-style turkey, peppercorn ranch sauce and thick-cut pepper bacon. It also has cheddar cheese and is sandwiched between two slices of honey wheat bread. We tried adding those ingredients to the name, but the Roast Turkey Ranch & Bacon on honey wheat bread is a ridiculous name for a sandwich.

Serving Weight (g) 344
Saturated Fat (g) 10
Total Carbohydrates (g) 79
Calories 800
Trans Fat (g) 0.5
Dietary Fiber (g) 5
Calories from Fat 310
Cholesterol (mg) 80
Sugars (g) 16
Fat - Total (g) 34
Sodium (mg) 2420
Proteins (g) 45

An asterisk (*) denotes that this item is not a significant source of this vitamin or mineral.