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LaDainian Tomlinson holding sandwiches


Welcome to LaDainian Tomlinson’s Arby’s Steakhouse website. This one-day, limited-edition steakhouse took place in NYC on November 7th, featuring everything that makes a steakhouse great: ambience, thick cuts of steak, curly frites, and a football legend’s name on the door. If you missed your chance to dine at the #1 Arby’s Steakhouse in the country, you’re still in time to try Arby’s Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches at your nearest location. LaDainian Tomlisnon won’t be there to greet you, but you’ll no doubt feel his spirit in the air.

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About Us

Our Location

LaDaianian Tomlinson’s Arby’s Steakhouse was located in the beating heart of New York City’s trendy Midtown neighborhood. It has since been turned back into a regular Arby’s that still serves Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches, and many other menu items, with all that same signature LaDainian-level panache.

Hours and Contact

Click here to find an Arby’s close to you that serves Petite Filet Steak Sandwiches with LaDainian’s hall of fame stamp of approval. If it’s an Arby’s, it will have them, while supplies last.

What people might say

Pretty edgy to call yourself a steakhouse and only have 2 incredible steak sandwiches.
Undeniably good steak sandwiches even if you’re more of a basketball fan.
Those sandwiches were tender and juicy and the soda selection was expansive.
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