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What part of the day is truly appropriate to have a snack? Are there official snack times? We all know the usual ones: morning snack, afternoon snack and midnight snack. But are those really the only ones? We believe if you want to have a snack, have a snack. At anytime, like these:
I-just-finished-school snack.
A day filled with lectures, quizzes and tests can be grueling. Take your own recess and kick back with a snack after your long day of getting your learn on.
I’ve-already-been-at-work-for-four-minutes snack.
Starting your day at the office can be rough. The first four minutes of your day can feel like an hour some mornings. Reward yourself for making it through the first “hour” of your day.

I-just-woke-up-from-a-nap snack.
A nap is one of the most glorious activities you can do. Eating a snack afterwards just makes it glorious-er.

I-had-a-snack-and-I-want-another-one snack.
It’s okay to snack back-to-back. No really, it is. On second thought, maybe we just keep this “little known fact” between us.
I-want-a-snack-right-now snack.
Why are you reading this? You should go to Arby’s and get whatever snack you want. Like now.
I-just-ran-three-errands snack.
Running errands are the worst. Unless you’re running errands to go get snacks, then running errands are the best. 


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