With “dip” in its name, you know the French Dip & Swiss is designed for some big-time dipping. And when you think about it, there are countless ways to dip. Here are our favorites:
The Classy Lady
Although the name of this move is “The Classy Lady,” you can perfect this style even if you’re not a lady. Or classy at all. Simply place your French Dip & Swiss into the au jus, while extending your pinky finger. By doing so, people will think you’re a member of a wealthy, noble family. Even if you’re the kind of person who wears stained tank tops and torn underwear.
The Three Pointer
Who says you can’t practice your basketball game while enjoying freshly sliced roast beef? Not us. Go to your nearest basketball court and place your au jus under the hoop. Then stand at the three-point line and toss the sandwich into that delicious dip. If the sandwich goes through the basket before hitting the au jus, rock on. You’re a sandwich-shooting superstar.
The Behind the Back
Try to impress your friends by dipping your French Dip & Swiss behind your back. If they’re amused, you’ve got lame friends. If they steal the sandwich while you’re performing the maneuver, you’ve got smart friends.
The High Dive
Find a tall structure like a tower, radio antenna or swing set and place the au jus at its base. Then go to the top of that structure and drop the French Dip & Swiss into the sauce. Though, before you do, make sure nobody is within a five-mile radius. Freshly sliced sandwiches are dangerous while falling at fast speeds.
The Two-Handed Dip
Some people are cautious dippers. They want ultimate control, so they get just the right amount of dip on just the right parts of their sandwiches. For these people, The Two-Handed Dip is, well, just right. Just as the name implies, simply grasp the sandwiches with two hands and descend it into the au jus. For extra control, take deep breaths, close your eyes and find your center. Steady hands are key to the perfect dip.

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