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With 13 items from $1 to $2.99, Arby’s new Snack ‘N Save menu has something for every type of person. So the only question left is, which type are you?

The Control Freak
Ever find yourself frustrated with the same old combo meal options? Take control of your meal by creating your own combinations with the Snack ‘N Save menu.

The I-Have-To-Know-For-Myself Type
Filling the middle of a chocolate turnover with curly fries is a bad idea. But if you really have to know for yourself, you can now afford to.

The Road Tripper
If you stopped and tried a different Arby’s snack every hour, well, you wouldn’t get very far very fast. But you would be pretty full of your favorite Snack ‘N Save items.

The Tapas Lover
It’s a fancy word for a meal made up of a bunch of different, small plates. Well, now you can get fancy at the Arby’s drive-thru.

The Starving College Student
Snacks with savings are perfect for students with empty pockets and a late night of video games…er, I mean, studying ahead of them.

The Always-Looking-For-Something-Better Type
Eww. You aren’t really that guy, are you? But if you were, you could try one item, then another, and another, and, well, you see what’s happening here, right? 

The Ankle-Biter
Snacks are full-on meals for pint-sized people. So put some Mighty Minis™ in those tiny hands and tell your kids it’s a meal made just for them.

The Pregnant Woman
If that baby in your belly has you craving something salty, we’ve got it. And in an hour, when you’re craving something sweet, well, we’ve got that too.

The Person with a Mouth
That’s right. If you’ve got a mouth, the Snack ‘N Save menu was made especially for you. If you don’t, well, you’ve got a bigger problem on your hands.




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